Facade board of spruce thermo

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Facade board of spruce thermo

Elevations of Thermo-Wood ® has increased dimensional stability, durability and increased resistance to biological degradation. Another attribute of our elevation is unique coloring. Particularly noticeable effect of the use of wood heat treatment technology is to change the color of the wood. It becomes darker, warm colors, which has so far offered only exotic species. The color change applies to the entire cross section of wood, which is important during the processing and use of the products.

Production of the elevation of the Thermo-Wood ® process is based on a completely environmentally friendly. Do not apply any chemicals. The elevation of the Thermo-Wood ® is recommended to maintain just like any other wood. They can be oil, stain, or wax. Particularly good results are obtained with oils, which emphasize the great warm color and grain of the wood.


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