Company Tartak „Stefan” has established in 1996. We have been manufacturing sawmill and wood processing. First company developing thermo treatment at Polish market. Since 10 years we have acquired enormous experience treating numerous wood species.

Since very beginning we widely cooperate with furniture, floors and constructions companies. Thanks to collaborations with architects we bring into life challenging building projects. We are able to meet the high demands on a reliable, professional and timely manner
Using innovative thermo treatment technology we offer:
  • decking board (thermo ash, thermo pine, thermo oak, thermo beech)
  • fasaden board (thermo ash, thermo pine, thermo oak, thermo spruce, Canadian Red Cedar)
  • floor board (thermo ash, thermo oak)
  • wooden tiles and mats to outside and inside installation

Our main aim is to supply the highest quality products. Our products meets European and National restrictions.


FSC® Certificate

FSC® certificate is a guarantee that our wood comes from sustainable forests according with national restricions (Cert. no NC-COC-016233).


Certificate of compliance ITD

Certificat ITD define compliance with European standards CEN/TS 15679:2007 Thermo treated wood – characteristic definition.



European certifiacate CE quality. THERMO-DREWNO is a trademark of our products.