Facade board of canadian cedar wrc

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Facade board of Canadian Cedar WRC

West Red Cedar WRC wood is a natural material, it does not require much care, it has a warm look and properties increasing the thermal insulation of a building. WRC cedar is widely known for its high resistance to fungi, mould and insects which makes it a perfect material for the external use for roofing, elevations, underlays, fencing, noise barriers, gazebos, etc. Its size stability and its appearance make it perfect for internal use for window blinds, board elements for covering walls and ceilings, profile elements, sauna panelling, etc.
In the cellular structure of the WRC there are air spaces which increase the insulating quality in a remarkable way as compared to other kinds of wood. As a result, buildings covered with cedar are cooler during heat waves and warmer in winter. WRC cedar also has excellent muffling and sound absorbing qualities which allow for its successful use in concert halls with the aim of increasing the acoustic quality. Thanks to its low specific gravity (390 kg with 12% humidity) it’s easy to handle and assemble in both industrial and household conditions. It does not contain resin, nor oily substances, which allows for applying a wide range of finishing-off measures.


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